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Lene West

My name is Lene West

I'm from Denmark – born in Svendborg April 1953.I have one son and a grandson.

I'm a hairdresser and started my own business in 1976. Did build quickly to 12 employees and educated apprentices.

Did travel a lot to United Kingdom, France, Italy, and America to educate myself so I could go home and educate colleges with new styles. Did make many hair shows throughout Denmark. I'm always into a competition and did win hair styling and cutting in Danish competitions

Was a member of the Danish Association of Hairdressers in many years.

I was living a very busy life.

In 2000 I was introduced to Network Marketing for the first time and did work with this great opportunity parallel to my hairdresser business. 

Nevertheless, I had a Plan B for the future

Had the dream to go full time as a networker and sell the business!

Nevertheless, sometimes ones get a hint if you can't take a decision!

I couldn't take my decision and broke my right arm December 2010.

Had three operations in 2 years, and could never work as a hairdresser again

Finally, I sold my business in 2012 and vent fulltime with my plan B, - my dream came through

My next dream was in many years to live my life in Copenhagen – so I did live that out too in 2013 and live there still.

Age doesn't count – only our mindset count if we want something with the heart - then go with it

The best decision ever in my life was to go full time in the fastest growing industry - direct selling industry

Love to live the financial freedom life

Love to work closely with people and see them grow with their dreams

We have only one life - don't waste it on others dreams 

I did always say: I'll not leave the earth without living my dreams out!

Lene West, 2018
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