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Hi my name is Hanne Tang - some call me HT ? I'm from 1973 - so somebody says I'm still young - which is of course right ? I live in Thyborøn, in waterfront Denmark. 

Living with the man in my life - Claus.

Together we have 3 children Markus, Ida and Lucas ? (You know yours, mine and ours ...)

My education - after the higher trade exam at Lemvig Handelsskole - is an office education. Then I have worked in detail stores and malls, at the office, being a salesman - and yes - so important - life's learning in Network Marketing ....

In 2001 I was presented to NW for the first time - and immediately I realized that I simply had to figure out what was for something. AND STOP NOW - I'm SO grateful to choose this way.

I went from being quiet and shy, and did not ask anything to be brave to "dare" talk to people I did not know and, at all, be myself !!! Of course, it did not happen overnight, but with perseverance and interest in finding "my real I", yes, I changed my mind with the years gone by

I'm as I am, looking the best in others and asking questions about what I do not understand ....

I've seen that the Kannaway and Yes Please concept is definitely the right thing to work with. The concept is clear, nobody is in doubt about how to work, and everyone can join. I can help change the lives of SO many people out there. People I do not even know (yet). And since our environment takes me a lot, Kannaway's environment line is 100% for me.

My family means a lot to me, but certainly I have a new and bigger family now, my Kannaway family. And yes, it is true - the unity and the fact that everyone wants success for others, it gives a unity that is not seen in other "common" companies 

So, do you go for success in the Network Marketing industry and are you curious about what and how we do - so welcome on board We drive Kannawayen

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