Susanne & Dennis Ducinius

Our names are Susanne & Dennis Ducinius.

We have been married since 1985, together we have 3 lovely children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

We have worked independent business since 1986, where we started with 2 fitness centers. We have always appreciated the freedom to decide over our own time and therefore we fell for the Network Marketing concept and we have been working with this since 1994,

however, Dennis has for a while worked as Key Account Manager in the telecom industry. 

Susanne is a trained coach etc. and has worked with personal development for many years.

We have tried different concepts, but have found a perfect company, Kannaway, a couple of months ago, which has legal cannabis products and a bonus plan, which we have not seen better in our many years in the industry, so we are now sure what way we are going. At the same time, we are part of the Yes Please concept, which allows the optimal team structure and earnings. Susanne & Dennis Ducinius

Susanne & Dennis Ducinius, 2018

Starten med Kannaway
Lene West


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Monday, 18 February 2019